Fossils and minerals fill a home or work place with serenity and help promote an understanding of our developing planet. Created throughout time, this natural art presented as decoration in the form of pictures and sculpture is a constant reminder of the world around us, what has been and what will be.

With improvements in mining technology, natural fossils and minerals, once the preserve of museums, are for the first time available to the public very economically. It seems the right time to present these very ancient natural phenomena in a modern artistic way.

Harrods recognised the potential of this art form and now run a world famous gallery on the 3rd floor, drawn from our stock.

We are based in Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, and would be delighted to arrange an appointment to discuss your interior decoration plans. We have a considerable stock of high quality pieces, and are expert at combining the timeless beauty of natural minerals and fossils in a suitable way in your home. Call us on 01285 644515.